• The angle grinder - Essential power tools

    Welcome back to another "Tools Tuesday". Highlighting noticeably in the number three spot on our rundown of must have control tools is the angle grinder.

    The angle grinder is the power instrument variant of the hacksaw, the record and the wire brush across the board. It is essentially the most imperative device to have in your shop on the off chance that you will be working with metal (after the universally handy corded hand penetrate that was included as the best should have tools obviously).

    The angle grinder - Essential power tools

    There are various approaches to join metal that is anything but difficult to achieve including utilizing pop bolts, metal screws and fasteners – yet before you begin going along with you need possessing the capacity to frame to shape and that implies cutting and pounding and this is the place the angle grinder sparkles.

    You'll need to get 1/8″ thick metal cutting circles, 1/4″ thick metal crushing plates and wire wheels. On the off chance that you will be cutting block, cement or tile you can get brick work cutting plates too.

    Presently, you'll discover grinders arrive in an assortment of sizes, from the 4 1/2″ models up to the beefier 9″ units. While I have a smaller 5″ grinder my go to the unit is a 9″ and its reinforcement is a 7″. For cutting and granulating plates I've essentially institutionalized on 7″ measurement circles which I've observed to be more typical (and at a bargain all the more regularly) than the 9″ ones. I likewise welcome the additional power offered by the bigger units.

    So, the smaller ones are decent in the event that you must work in tight spaces –, for example, under a vehicle or aren't exactly as OK with the weight and energy of the bigger ones.

    Obviously, part of the way toward figuring out what makes this rundown and where it positions is cost. To give you a thought of the value these keep running amongst $20 and $65 at Harbor Freight starting at now – without utilizing one of their 20% off coupons they as often as the possible flow which would thump the cost down to $16 to $52.


    So in the event that you don't have an angle grinder yet lift one up today alongside a determination of circles.

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