• Snowplow Drivers Need Some Room

    The primary significant snowstorm of the season is set to hit SE Minnesota today through tomorrow. Snowplow drivers will be out in full constrain and they will require some 'breathing room'.

    A decent dependable guideline is to leave 4-5 auto length's amongst you and the snow furrow. Never crash into a snow cloud either. What's more, ensure the waste holders are off the road.

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation's snowplow armada will be out and about in large numbers protecting our roadways again this winter. Driving excessively near snow expulsion hardware can be greatly unsafe.

    Here are some Snowplow Safety Tips:

    ·         Yield to snowplows. They travel slower than posted rates.

    ·         Give snowplow drivers a lot of space to carry out their occupations.

    ·         Never crash into a snow cloud.

    ·         Slow down! Never utilize journey control on wet or cold streets.

    ·         Stay caution. A snowplow measures 17 times more than an auto. In a crash, tenants of an auto are a great deal more prone to be genuinely harmed.


    ·         Be understanding. Take after at a sheltered separation. Permit no less than five auto lengths between your vehicle and a snowplow.



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